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The End of the Transition Paradigm



The Legislation - Caught Between Law And

This article aims at revealing the social nature of a historically produced fact: the emergence ...


On the Sense of Meaning in Society

The author attempts to provide answers to the following questions: What are the consequences and ...

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To our readers

We have named our journal REASON because we are convinced that this very word which occurs in the everyday language as well as in the high style of philosophic works expresses with utmost precision the goal we are trying to achieve. Let us not be accused of pretentiousness because we know that we are not the embodiment of reason nor do we have the right to appropriate it. However we do believe that every human being strives to attain reason and that without the natural drive to communicate, preserve and develop the reasonable foundation human co-existence would be impossible.

This is why our major goal is through affording a public forum for scientific discussions to represent and consolidate modern Bulgarian intellectuals. We will work to develop common spiritual environment for our authors and readers and sense of belonging to a value-oriented political community.

The publication was conceived as a journal for politics and culture. REASON will publish texts in the fields of political science, sociology, history, economics and other spheres of social and humanitarian sciences. REASON will be published 4 times per year and on its pages you will discover scientific articles, theoretical discussions, translations of classic and contemporary texts, book reviews etc. With our rubrics Guest, Reflections, Bulgarian transition, Theory, Analyses, Heritage, and with all others that will spontaneously appear and you, our readers, would offer, we would try to present reasoned alternative solutions to existing problems facing Bulgarian society.

You are all welcome to participate and contribute at all levels of communication covered by our journal and which are likely to appear in a reasonable dialogue between civilized individuals. Our journal would like to serve the cause of reasonable discourse. For without dialogue civil society dies and without reason dialogue cannot live.

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