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Highlights in the Russian Policy towards

The paper abounds in facts and proofs of the anti-Bulgarian initiatives in the foreign p...


Retaining the Human Dimension



Contents Issue 2 2003

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GUEST Interview with Zbigniew Brzezinski GLOBAL SECURITY Velizar Shalamanov Security, Strength, Solidarity, Capabilities John Hulsman Cherry-Picking as th...

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On NATO, Security and New Maps

The article examines the increasingly prominent concept of rising insecurity. The author briefly examines the perceived impact of globalization on the notion of security. The space of security is seen through the marked expansion of phenomena and variables perceived to have impact on it. The author seeks to define the novelty of the emerging notion of security through the act of identification and interpretation of the potentially indefinite number of threats. This leads to numerous difficulties as effective political / foreign policy action begins to hinge on compatible acts of interpretation by an increasing number of subjects. The author also claims that the achievement of such compatibility is a product of a value – based behaviour. Compatibility of interpretation is ensured by compatibility of values. The future role of NATO is examined from such an angle. Its future is seen through the extent to which the Alliance will continue to be an organization of like – minded subjects. The author also looks at the challenges which Bulgarian society and polity will need to address in view of its accession to NATO.